About Us

On behalf of FsCongress – International Congress on Social Science – Turkey, and BlueForskning Research Academy – India, we would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to all the esteemed delegates at the International Conference on Excellence in Marketing & Tourism Management, which will be organized virtually during 1st – 3rd August 2021. 

We are a group of energetic academicians from different countries who are embraced with different cultures and environmental learning. We have organized 6 International conferences on different themes and conducted various workshops on data analysis to share knowledge and make a research-oriented environment in and around us. 

We also have a journal in our bucket “Fiscaoeconomia journal.” This journal is the product of the Fsecon Community (Fsecon Society). which was founded under the leadership of Ahmet Arif Eren and Orhan Şimşek. It is possible to consider the congress titled “Quovadis Social Sciences” organized in 2014 by Ahmet Arif Eren 2014 as the starting point of the journal. Fiscaoeconomia is a peer-refereed open-access international journal focusing on political economy. Fsecon tries to make significant contributions to the relationship between state, economy, and society and wants to become an important means of communication. In addition to book reviews, each issue contains the products of original research on economics, sociology, and other related social sciences. The increasing interest in the journal as the first issue was published in 2017, revived the idea of organizing a congress that contributed to the existence of the journal.

Fiscaoeconomia Journal indexed in 23 indexes internationally, approximately 120 international articles were published in a short period of 3 years. More than 450 papers were presented in 4 international congresses held until May 2020.

Also, we have successfully completed the International Conference “FsCongress2020: Recent Trend in Economy, Business, Politics, and Society in the Information Age in association with “FsCongress International Congress on Social Science, ANKARA, Turkey,” and “BlueForskning Research Academy, India,” and “Osmaniye Korkut Ata University, Osmaniye, Turkey,” in virtual mode during 25th – 30th May 2020, with the following two special issues from Inderscience & Elsevier Journals (WRSTSD, & IJEBR) listed in Scopus & ABDC category. 

World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development (2020), ISSN: 1741–2234; Scopus-Elsevier, listed in Australian Business Dean Council (ABDC-C), Issue taken for FsCongress2020, on “Sustainable Business Practices for Marketers in Emerging Markets.”

International Journal of Economics and Business Research (2020), ISSN: 1756–9869; Scopus-Elsevier, listed in Australian Business Dean Council (ABDC-C), Issue taken for FsCongress2020, on Contemporary Marketing Practices for Business Sustainability.”

We will hold our 5th Congress, which coincides with the Covid pandemic, on May 25–30 2021,

About the Conference:

Fscongress-International Conferences have been well attended and hugely successful for many years. This year, we have decided to have a conference on  Excellence in Marketing & Tourism Management, Which will bring together tourism and hospitality industry leaders, educators, researchers and scholars from around the world. This year we are focusing on learning from the best practices around the world in rebuilding, as since the beginning of the last year 2020 the tourism and marketing industry has been struggling unprecedentedly, facing the biggest global challenge in 100 years – COVID-19 Pandemic.

This conference will be a platform for industry practitioners, academicians, entrepreneurs, and research scholars to come together, to learn, share and discuss current and emerging topics in Marketing, Tourism and, sustainable energy consumption with leaders, technologists, and learning experts. This conference would be a great knowledge-sharing event for a diverse audience embracing international and national participants. The event has inspirational keynote speakers, practitioner-led workshop sessions, and mutually beneficial networking opportunities. In these unprecedented times, technology and innovation provide new alternatives to achieve organizational goals. Consequently, organizations achieve cost/time effectiveness and can engage talent from worldwide without physical relocation. We invite original papers from interested professionals and researchers to present and participate in the conference virtually.

Papers jointly written by industry leaders and academics are preferred for this conference, as industry-academia collaboration is powerful in finding practical and innovative solutions to the challenges. 

Conference Objectives

Designed to bring together Researchers, Academicians, Industrial Experts, Faculty, and Students the E-Conference aims to:

  1. To promote research and developmental activities in state-of-art technology-oriented Marketing & Sustainable Tourism.
  2. To understand how the businesses for the Marketing & Tourism sector have embraced the change brought about by adopting digital technologies in their product offerings for sustainable consumption.  
  3. To understand appropriate and effective strategies in dealing with opportunities, threats, and challenges in Marketing & Tourism management amid dynamic environmental concerns.
  4. To provide researchers, industry practitioners, academicians, research scholars, and students with strong research orientation, a forum for developing, discussing, and presenting new ideas and the emerging phenomena in Marketing & Tourism, and Sustainable Energy Consumption in the new world, which is expected to emerge in the post-pandemic era.