Fiscaoeconomia International Congress on Social Sciences



Subject: Economic, Political and Social Relations In The Globalised World.

Call For Papers: We are pleased to invite you to the congress “Quovadis Social Sciences with the theme Economic, political and social relations in the globalised world” which will take place on September 14 in Ankara at the  Demora Hotel Congress Center.


Interactions between markets and politics; the influence of markets on politics and the influence of policy on markets are increasing in the globalized World.  There is a change in economy, society, politics and even in climate. The main purpose of the congress is to examine these changes in a multidisciplinary perspective. In this context, the effects of globalization process will be investigated through the studies of researchers from different disciplines such as economics, public finance, politics and sociology.


The related topics are;

  • International Political Economy
  • Political Economy of International Relations
  • International Finance and Money Markets
  • International Trade, Regional Cooperation and Economic Unions
  • Sustainable Development and Growth
  • Welfare State, Social Security and Health Economics
  • Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Economics
  • Local Economics: Agriculture, Industry and Tourism
  • Cooperations, Production Organizations and Labour Processes
  • Consumption Society, Consumer Behaviour and Classes
  • Social Justice, Distribution, Poverty and Class Politics
  • Democracy, Equality and Law
  • Power, Politics and Civil Society
  • Neoliberalism and Nation-State
  • Local Politics and its Dynamics
  • Governance and Self-Government
  • Urbanization, Urban Entrepreneurialism and Environment Sensitive Management
  • Glocalization, Multinational Corporations, International Law and National Law
  • Biopolitics
  • Political Economy of Culture, Identity, Human Rights and Civil  Society Organizations
  • Education, Migration and Citizenship
  • Gender Studies
  • Social Movements
  • Working Life, Work Ethic, Job Security and Social Psychology
  • Reflexivity in Knowledge, Elites and Intellectuals
  • Security Politics
  • Social Media and Mass Communication
  • Knowledge Society and Technology
  • Local Businesses, Management, Firm Organizations and Family-Owned Business
  • Entrepreneurship, Local Enterprises, R&D Management and Innovation
  • International Finance and Accounting Standards
  • Money and Capital Markets
  • Management and Organization
  • Marketing Research, Market Management and Marketing Strategy
  • International Marketing and Brand Management
  • Product and Service Management
  • But not limited to…