The FsCongress-2020 tracks and sub-themes have been designed to identify emerging business & economics issues and challenges in order to find innovative solutions for the betterment and development of society. The conference aims to offer the best solutions that provide an efficient, sustainable and positive social change or solution for the business/ social problems.

  • Track1: Innovation in Marketing, Tourism & Health Management 
  • Track2: Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior
  • Track3: Information Technology, Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Track4: Economics, Accounting, & Financial Behavior
  • Track5: Business Ethos, Corporate Governance & CSR.

Call for Paper

Original research papers related to the conference themes and sub-themes are invited for presentation at the conference are under following tracks;

Track-1: Marketing

  • Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Customer Experience, Engagement & Relationship Management
  • Marketing Analytics, Business Intelligence & Automation
  • Brands Development in Digital Marketing Age
  • Retail Marketing and Shoppers’ Experience
  • Social & Digital Media Marketing
  • Green Marketing & Consumerism
  • Tourism & Sports Marketing
  • E-Commerce Marketing & Digital Platforms
  • Emoji’s & Non-Verbal Marketing Communication
  • Rural Consumers & Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Pedagogy and Education
  • Food/Beverage Marketing

Track-2: HR & OB

  • Employee Retention In Dynamic Environment
  • Sustainable Retention strategies in Dynamic Environment
  • Sustainable Green HRM practices
  • Role of foreign assignments in social innovation
  • Sustainable Talent management and acquisition
  • Organizational Culture &Employee Engagement
  • Diversity & Inclusion (Gender diversity, Transgender, LGBT etc.)
  • Work-life Balance and Stress Management
  • HR-Analytics for Sustainable Business
  • Spirituality and Religious practices in sustainable work culture
  • Artificial Intelligence in HR

Track-3: IT, Operations & SCM

  • Scheduling Problems in Manufacturing and service organizations
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management & Reverse Logistics
  • Sustainable SCM solutions in Retail Industry
  • Quantity Control & Six Sigma Management
  • Eco-design and Green manufacturing
  • Behavioral Operation Management & Industry 4.0
  • Smart City & Urban Planning
  • Health-care Management
  • New Product & Service Management through Robotic
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Marketing Analytics

Track-4: Economics, Accounting & Financial Behavior

  • Sustainable Micro –Finance & Rural Development
  • Sustainable/Green Investing
  • Innovative Economic Strategies for Financial Inclusion
  • Sustainable Financial Performance & Accounting Practices
  • Financial Innovation, Engineering & Analytics
  • Global Taxation Practices
  • Cryptocurrency & BlockChain
  • Digital Banking Practices, Paytm & E-wallet

Track-5: Business Ethos, Corporate Governance & CSR.

  • Human values in the current scenario
  • Responsible Business Practices in Dynamic Scenario
  • Management ethos in 2021
  • Social responsibility in International Business
  • Happy planet index in the corporate world
  • Sustainability practices in today’s environment
  • Non-profit Marketing and Public Policy

**Topics are not constrained; all the other topics related to themes & Sub-themes will be welcomed.