This conference intended to invite prospective academicians and practitioners to present their original work in the form of conceptual and empirical papers that fit into the theme of the conference.

Themes of the conference include:

Track 1. Consumer Behaviour in Marketing & Tourism in the digital edge

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Consumer behavior in digital edge, Sustainable consumer behavior, decision-making, expectations, virtual experience and satisfaction, Brand Management, Strategic Branding using Gamification in Global Market Place, Uses of Emojis for Marketing Communication practices, Industrial Marketing, Services Marketing, Retail Marketing, Neuro-Marketing, Luxury Marketing, Industrial Marketing, Permission Marketing, Green Marketing, Sustainable Marketing, Rural Marketing, International Marketing, Strategic Marketing & Planning, Use of AR (Augmented Reality) in sales and marketing, Ethics & Social Responsibility in Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Communications, internationalization of tourism, hospitality and event education, IT, ICT, e-tourism, and Destination branding

Track 2: Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics for sustainable Tourism & Marketing

The application of machine learning, measurement techniques, and advanced research methodologies related to marketing & tourism. Role of Big Data analysis, text mining, recommender systems analytics, supervised and unsupervised learning, social network analytics, and deep learning computing in developing the marketing & tourism industry. Robotics, AI, deepfakes, privacy concerns, fake news, data security, digital influencers, blockchain, gamification techniques, digital engagement, online nudging, alternative realities (VR, AR, MR), wearables, etc. for the growth of the marketing & tourism sector, Sustainable Innovation, creativity and change management

Track 3. Sustainable Tourism practices & Eco-Tourism development

Tourism and culture, Tourism patterns, Sustainable tourism, Tourism for economic development, Tourism and destinations, Tourism development and hospitality, Tourism in contemporary society, Tourism industry, Sustainable development and effective management of competitive city destinations, Accessible city tourism for all and cultural heritage management, Connectivity and tourism competitiveness, Sports & Event tourism

Protected Areas and Tourism, Urban Tourism and Cultural Heritage, GIS Applications in Tourism, Tourism, and environment, Tourism planning and regional development, Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality, Gastronomic Tourism, New types of Tourism (Dark/Grief Tourism, Event Tourism, Film Tourism, etc.), Animation in Tourism, Hunting Tourism

Track 4. Human Resource Management practices for sustainable marketing & Tourism

Green Jobs, Sustainable Leadership, Digital HR, Strategic HRM, Industrial Relations &Legal Aspects Of HRM, Employee Turnover & Attrition, Strategic Training & Development, Transformation HR, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Leadership Development, E-Recruitment, Integration of Technology in HR Practices, Skillset for Industry 4.0, Virtual Teams and Environments for Innovation, Performance measurement and management, AR (Augmented Reality) and Training, Information and Knowledge Management, Spiritual practices for sustainable development in the organizations.

Track 5. Responsible behavior towards Energy Consumption, Entrepreneurship, and green production

Business Models, Entrepreneurial Strategy for sustainable development, Entrepreneurial Growth, Social Entrepreneurship, Financing entrepreneurship ventures, Money Management for entrepreneurs, Family-based social entrepreneurship, Acquired and tacit knowledge in family-based business operations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Family Business Relationships, succession, and transition issues, growth and scale-up, Innovation Tools. Energy-saving & consumption, consumer attitude toward energy saving, responsible energy consumption behavior, green production and supply chain process, Green Building Design, Green and Renewable Energy, Green Technology and Ecosystem adaption

Note: The above list is indicative. Papers conforming to the overall theme of the conference but not mentioned in the topics above are also welcome. Apart from the technical sessions, Panel Discussions will also be organized during the conference.